Buy Nothing Project
10 Rules

Buy Nothing Project Short & Sweet Version of the Mission, Rules, Tenets, and Attribution for Private Buy Nothing Groups

1) The Buy Nothing Project Mission & Rules
Give. Ask. Borrow. Lend. Share Gratitude. We are a Gift Economy movement.
Uphold the Buy Nothing ethos: Learn All About the Buy Nothing Project here

2) Keep it Legal
Anything legal is allowed as a gift/ask. Follow all national and local laws, as well as this platform’s Community Guidelines/Regulated Goods list.

3) Show Your Humanity
No cruelty, harassment, or hate speech. The Buy Nothing Project Equity Team wrote the Community Agreement to facilitate communication and strengthen connections in Buy Nothing groups:

4) Build Trust
Trust is the foundation of this gift economy. Act with honesty and empathy, using each interaction to build community. Stealing is prohibited. Don’t pressure others via private message.

5) Give Freely
All gifts must be given freely without any expectation of reward other than the joy of giving and connecting. No buying, selling, bartering, trading, advertising, or marketing of goods or services allowed.

6) Participate as Yourself
Join and participate in your local Buy Nothing community’s Facebook group as yourself, using your personal Facebook profile.

7) Give from Your Own Abundance
Please focus on what you can share from your own hands, heart, time, and stuff.

8) Participate at Your Own Risk
The Buy Nothing Project, Founders, Community Leaders, and Group Admins accept no responsibility or legal liability for any loss, damage, illness, or injury arising out of group activities.

9) Respect Local Buy Nothing Culture
See this community’s conversation and pinned posts for information about this group’s localized rules and norms that bring the Buy Nothing ethos to life.

10) Buy Nothing Project Local Leadership
This group is a local iteration of the Buy Nothing Project and is solely led by its local volunteer Community Builders/Admins, who generously gift their time and energy to serve this community. Any rules added to this group that aren't included in this Buy Nothing website 10 Rules page are unique rules created by this group's local admins, to serve this Local Variation Buy Nothing group. See the local volunteer admins for support and explanation of this group's unique local rules that go beyond the Buy Nothing 10 Rules that are listed on the website page.

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The 10 Rules document was most recently updated on 19 January 2023.
Copyright 2024 Liesl Clark and Rebecca Rockefeller, The Buy Nothing Project, all rights reserved. All Buy Nothing groups may link to this document but it may not be copied, distributed or edited without express permission from the Buy Nothing Project.

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